Come With Me, Let us Touch the Sky

This excellent sketch and poem have come to us from Priya Sridhar, who blogs at Kismi Toffee Bar. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you absolutely must. She’s got tons of cool stuff over there.

No to stereotyping

Pink is for girls,
blue for boys,
they said.

How would you like it,
if you were packed into boxes,
of a certain colour and size,
unable to come out,
under glaring eyes and disapproving looks,
and taunts and rebukes

Pink is for girls,
blue for boys,
they said.

Why should it be so?
Who makes these boxes,
that refrain us from soaring high?
Let us choose our colours
and help each other
reach for the sky.

– By a girl who loves blue.

What about you? Do you like pink or blue? What are some of the ways in which gender stereotyping has affected your life, whether positively or negatively? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Nice sketch, as usual. Though the tree in the center might want to have more leaves 🙂 Her doodles are even better.

    Destination Infinity


  2. Lovely sketch, Kismi!
    Is that poem by you, too?


  3. I love the sketch and the poem too, Kismi! well done 🙂



  1. […] Hope you are all good. I have been lucky enough to have one of my sketches  featured on Sharath’s space. You can find it on his blog […]


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