Photo Post: Hide and Seek


Every game, every lesson, every piece of wisdom we possess is all nature’s gift to us. I was doing a little bit of trekking on Phase 2 of the Gondola ride on a  mountain in Gulbarg. The winter had just arrived, the moon had just waved at us, the dew was just beginning to collect on the leaves.

The snow had just kissed the earth, the clouds had just floated away, and the sun had come out for a quick peep. I stretched out my hands for him, but he turned and ran away. After a bit of hide and seek, I found him sparkling from behind the woods. Then I shot him.

This was taken during the beginning days of my learning and this picture definitely motivated me to take photography seriously. I hope you enjoyed it too.

Fstop: 8. Shutter speed: 1/250. ISO: Low.

This is a guest post by freelance photographer Akshata Nagesh. You can see her previous posts here and here.

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