Bangalore Snapshots: Under the Mango Tree

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How many times have you had your heart breaking as you left your little one alone, crying and scratching furiously at the door? How many times have you felt really guilty watching the piece of your heart gratefully gobble down every last crumb from the doggie bag you brought home from the restaurant? How many times have you wished that there was a place you could take your furry friend and treat him to delicacies he adores?

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Located in a quiet off-lane in Richmond Road, Under the Mango Tree brings to all pet-lovers and owners an opportunity that is sure to mark your faces with a smile! The first Sunday of each month celebrates the bond you share with your furry friends.

‘I used to take my dog to UTMT every now and then in the evening after work,’ says Nirmala Balakrishnan, who runs the place. ‘As customers interacted with her, they started asking me if they could get their pets along as well. A couple of restaurants in the city are pet-friendly, but I didn’t want UTMT to turn into a place where you could get your pets and hold them on a leash while you enjoyed a meal.’

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In order to not only make the furry ones feel special, but also to give them an opportunity to enjoy themselves as much as their owners, UTMT, for the first time ever, introduced Breakfast with Pets to Bangalore. Dedicated to all the bundles of joy in our lives, the first Sunday of every month witnesses the restaurant transform into a Doggie Heaven.

So whether you’re an animal lover or a pet-owner, you know where to head next to have a meal.

Sreejita Biswas is a freelance writer and photographer based in Bangalore. I saw some photographs on her Flickr page and asked if she would be interested in doing guest posts for me. She graciously said yes.

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