Poetry in Bollywood: Neela Aasmaan So Gaya (Male)


Poetry in Bollywood is a series of posts in which I attempt poetry-style, ‘in spirit’ translations of classic Bollywood songs. I refrain from doing literal translations because I think the magic and beauty of the original gets lost when one does that.

Check out the previous post in the series.

Amitabh Bachchan sang this in the 1981 movie Silsila. It became a controversial hit because it supposedly told the real life story of Bachchan’s extramarital affair with Rekha. Some of the songs in the movie – e.g. ‘Pardesiya’, ‘Dekha ek Khwaab’ – became extremely popular. This film also marked lyricist Javed Akhtar’s debut.

There is a female version of this song too, but in my (uninformed) opinion, Amitabh Bachchan did a better job.


Hindi Lyrics

English ‘Translation’

Neela aasmaan so gaya

Os barse, raat bhighe
hoth tharraye
Dhadkanen kuch kehna chahe
keh nahin paaye

Hawa ka geet madham hai
Samay ki chaal bhi kam hai

Meri baahon mein sharmati lajaati
aise tum aaye
ki jaise baadalon mein chaand dheere
dheere aajaye

Yeh tanhaayi, yeh main aur tum
Zameen bhi ho gayi gumsum

Neela aasmaan so gaya

The blue sky sleeps

The night’s wet, dew has fallen
My lips are aquiver
The heart leaps, her beats quicken
and quietly shiver

The air sings a soft ballad
Time crawls on, frail and pallid

Shyly into my arms you steal
And lower your coy gaze
Like a lone night cloud I feel
bathed by the moon’s rays

Let us be still, you and I
And hear the Earth’s mute sigh

The blue sky sleeps

If you (dis)agree with my translation, tell me in the comments section. Appreciation, feedback and brickbats are all equally welcome!

Image Courtesy: HD Wallsource


  1. Falguni Srikanth says:

    Well done!would like to suggest some corrections…dhadkane….heartbeats want to say something but but not able to say…
    Meri bahon me…you come shyly into my arms like the moon coming slowly amidst the clouds
    Yeh tanhai…this lonliness and you and me
    Even the earth has become quiet..
    Tanhai is lonliness..
    There is one more poetry in the movie main aur meri tanhaiyan..nice one.
    My language is not so good but I am sure u can alter and make this an awesome translation.😄😄


  2. Falguni Srikanth says:

    I understand now that you r not translating but writing a poem keeping the meaning intact…then it’s beautifully done..I am sorry about the earlier comment…


    • No, no need to apologize at all. The idea was that instead of doing a word to word translation (which many websites do), maybe an ‘in spirit translation’ where the meaning and tone stay intact would be interesting to do.

      I tried a few times, but have given up lately. I plan to pick it up again. Do keep visiting 🙂


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