Photo Post: Wandering Windmills

Wandering Windmills

My love for travel took me to Pondicherry once. I was with a crowd of forty people, few known, few friends and a few strangers. After reaching the hotel, I quickly had a shower and left armed with my camera to explore the streets.

I caught sight of this man selling wandering windmills. Yes, “wandering windmills” is what I call them. I wasted no time in clicking this image.  Though I had a chance of clicking the front view, I preferred it like this to keep it natural and to capture the motion of the man and the toy windmills.  The blue sky, the white clouds, the greenery all around, and the different pink and purple of the windmills complemented one other.

Every time  I see this picture it opens a bag of incredible memories that make me smile. The best childhood days, spent running around in parks and on the roads holding up the fan in your hand, hearing it crackle, feeling the wind in your hair, being carried along on a cloud of joy without a care in the world. Those were days when happiness was always within reach. You just had to reach out and touch it, feel its contours, as though it were a soap bubble that could burst at the merest press.

Do you remember too?

This is a guest post by freelance photographer Akshata Nagesh.

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