Will You Follow Me?


What is photography? What does it mean to watch the world through – for the bespectacled – yet another set of lenses? Why do we then click once, twice, thrice, change the aperture and/or shutter speed, and repeat the algorithm? Why does the previous sentence say ‘we’ when it’s probably just my incompetence as a photographer that necessitates multiple attempts? Why do I degrade my skills as a photo-artist when the whole purpose of this introductory blog is to expose my reel self to the world at large…or the hundred people (as of last count) who visit these pages?

What gives me the right to hail myself as an artist? What is ‘art’ and where did I find it? Or did it bump into me during one of those occasional trudges into the unknown alone? Have I always been immersed in its fluidic medium, randomly buffeted by its waves resulting in moments of inspiration? Alternatively, is art a seed planted within, growing with me, nurtured by and nurturing me, blossoming and dying in turn as it traverses the four seasons? Does the fact that I have so many questions make me self-aware and, indeed, intelligent? Or am I a bumbling bumpkin blind to the beguiling brightness bsurrounding bus ball? Will only time and ceaseless clicking provide the answers?

Will you follow me to find out?

Guest Post by Nitish Nair. Scientist. Writer. Poet. Photographer.


  1. Amazing ! Follow my contemplative mood 😀



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