Weekly Wrap Up – 12 July, 2014: Feminism, The Demise of Reading, Priyanka Chopra and more

Weekly Wrap - 12 July

Here are a few posts from last week that you (may have) missed.


Shweta Taneja blogged here about the 7 pieces of advice that she got from insiders of the publishing industry. Be sure to check it out of you’re an aspiring writer. Or if you’re just curious.


A sneak peak into the second part of the Hastinapur series kicked off the working week. I posted short excerpts from my novel, so if you enjoyed Winds, you will probably want to read this too, just to know what’s coming.

In the afternoon post, I wrote a short update on what happened at Write Club for Meetup 139. (Yes, we have been going for 139 weeks now without a break.)


What was the most famous own goal of this World Cup season? Priyanka Chopra’s stint on Reddit, of course. It made me laugh so much that I did a piece on it.

Freelance photographer Akshata Nagesh popped in at noontime with a photo-post on the Himalayas.

In the evening, I weighed in with my (humble) opinion on whether reading is really on its last legs. The optimist that I am, I argued that it’s not.


A recent buzzfeed post on Feminism annoyed me so much that I resolved to change the world with my counterpoints. The first was published on the morning of this day. The Facebook thread is still getting comments.

I wrote of my fears as a self-publishing virgin in the evening.


I’ve been reading on happiness, peace of mind and other such nice things lately. So I thought why not do a post on Epicurus? For the afternoon post I put up two paintings by Norman Rockwell, the Ameircan realistic artist, that showed rather well how ‘vanity’ means different things for men and women.


‘Bollywood Poetry’ for this week is on the classic ‘Tum ko Dekha‘ from Saath Saath. Even if you don’t like my excuse for a poem, listen to the song. And then listen to it again, until it lulls you into a nice deep slumber.

For the evening, I have yet another old short story written before I made my first novel sale. This one made the finals in a little online competition they had going then.

That’s it for this week. See you all next Saturday!

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