Heaven can wait, I’m at the Himalayas


This is a guest post by freelance photographer Akshata Nagesh

It was during the beginning of November that I had my first visit to Kashmir. It was the fourth day of my tour. Being so unfamiliar to the chilly weather, I didn’t want to unwrap myself from my blanket. But I had no choice but to wake up and follow my package plan. When I woke up, pushed the curtains apart and opened my eyes, this is what I saw.

The winter had just begun. The snow had just come and gone. There was a freshness to the mountain air. My heart felt as if it had been cleaned from the inside. I was no longer regretting waking up early. After all, where else could one see such beauty? I just wanted to jump out of the window and land on the mountains. I wanted to shout and sing, fly and be fearless, celebrate being alive.

I only had time to take a quick shot before rushing into the (cold!) shower. Not even the freezing water could dampen the warmth that I felt within. The Himalayas hold a divine, almost eternal beauty. At that moment even if I was offered heaven I would ask it to wait until I’d left the snow-capped hills behind me. Truly Kashmir is a paradise on earth.

Tell us about your experiences of Kashmir!

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