Weekly Wrap Up – 28 June, 2014: Mahabharat, Bradbury, Poetry and more

Weekly Wrap - 1

Here are a few posts from last week that you (may have) missed.


We kicked off the week with a post that asked the question: Who is the hero of the Mahabharata? Most popular picks were, of course, Krishna and Draupadi, with Karna coming a close third. Curiously, very few picked the usual suspects Arjun and Bhim. Could it be that we’re just tired of them?

On the same day, I also shared some timeless wisdom from one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time, Ray Bradbury.


There was a follow up post to Monday’s ‘heroes’ question, in which I speculate about my choice for the tale’s protagonist. I went with the much-maligned Yudhisthir, to some good-natured grumbling from readers.

The evening post contained a report of Meetup 137 at Write Club Bangalore, which contained some nice writing prompts, both textual and visual. If you’re a practicing writer, don’t miss this!


Don’t we all love confessions? I wrote about the insecurities and not-so-great things about being a freelance writer, and it ended up being the most popular post of the week.

In the second post of the day, I went for an esoteric post on The Raft of the Medusa, and how it has rescued me from Writer’s Block in the past.


Women writing as men is common, but how many men do you know that have written under female pseudonyms? Some of the stories are funny, some weird, and one is an outright lie.

That evening found me in a contemplative mood, so I asked readers the question: If you could write just one book, what would it be about? Not surprisingly, the most common answer was: ‘An autobiography’.


The morning post contained a full short story that I’d written a few months back, published first in Reading Hour magazine. Incidentally, if I could write just one more book, I would expand this into a novel. It’s called Carnival at Big House.

In the evening, I tried something new. It has long been a pet idea of mine to take some classic Hindi movie songs and translate them into either poems or mood pieces in English. This will not only have some ‘reading value’, I thought, but it will also hone my writing a bit. For the first of this series, I picked ‘Ajeeb Daastaan hain yeh’ and wrote a poem based on it.

That’s it for this week. See you all next Saturday!

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