Meetup 113 – Nonvisual cues

A little update on the Write Club posts is warranted, because I’ve not posted here for a while. You will be glad to know that Write Club Bangalore is still going well, though we’ve moved to a place now without a projector, so we’ve had to improvise with pen and paper. Some would say this is a good thing for writers to do from time to time, and I would agree. But it does make uploading and online discussions on the material a little hard.

I had given this problem up as unsolvable, and this section of the website as dead, but just yesterday somebody mentioned that I could do a written review of each session as it happens. Though I am skeptical of the actual use it will have for people who follow this blog, I thought there would be no harm in giving it a shot.

With that little introduction out of the way, Write Club had its one hundred and thirteenth meetup last Saturday, and our host, Harish, gave us a talk on non-visual details in writing. The exercises were also geared toward the non-visual. We had to write a passage describing our favourite place, but to a person who is blind by birth. So all visual information that we first rely on as writers is gone, and we had to speak about the smell of wildflowers, the shooting pain in the heel at the end of a long walk, the sounds of bees and birds, and other such things.

Perhaps those of you still new to writing can try this out. Visualize that you’re in your favourite place, but don’t do the usual thing and see everything, but force yourself to close your eyes and immerse yourself with all your other four senses. And then, once you’re sure that you have captured enough sensory detail pertaining to the place, sit down and write a passage. Even if you don’t show it to anyone, it will awaken within you a deeper feeling. That was the experience of most writers who attended the session last week, and I hope the same for you.

This is probably the first step toward becoming a writer. You must not only see, but feel with all your senses.


  1. Sujith K Mikkili says:

    Hi Sarath ,This is Sujith K Mikkili i am MBA as of now i am working in an investment banking company in Hyderabad ,i thought of writing a book on Mahatma Gandhi and i have done writing it but i was not able to find how to publish it and i starting searching the information can you please suggest me ho to publish my first official book .so could you please help me on it how to get an ISBN etc…. how can we decrease the cost of the book that i can decrease my fixed costs.

    i was asking this information because i know this can be a best platform so that you can view faster than an email and even i choose you because i studied on the way you turned to be a writer.

    and sorry if i was to frank and thank you.


  2. Sujith K Mikkili says:

    Hi sharath read the book the ideology is very good the way you have taken the story was amazing ,thanks for such a book and hope you reach the best


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