Book Launch: The Winds of Hastinapur

Invites_Winds of hastinapur

The good folk at Harper Collins have decreed that there shall be a launch for my novel ‘The Winds of Hastinapur’. Since the novel is a feminine view of the Mahabharat, we thought it will be nice to have a discussion on the depiction of women in Indian myths. Joining me in conversation will be Shinie Antony (novelist, journalist, co-organizer of Bangalore Literature Festival etc) and Vani Mahesh (founder of Easylib) – and of course all of you who decide to come.

You should see the launch invite above this page, and you can download it to view later. Also, if you could RSVP on the event page here, we will have some idea of numbers.

See you all there! It all promises to be a lot of fun.


  1. How did the book launch go?


  2. It went well, James. Some pictures will come out on Facebook soon enough, surely. A lot of people turned up, and there was some good discussion.


    • Hi Parwati!

      Thank you for your thoughts on the book. You’re right, the story is not complete without the other characters, and I do plan to write a series of books which tell the complete tale. In fact, as I type this comment, I’ve just finished the first draft of the second book of the series, in which Amba, Kunti and Gandhari make appearances.

      I hope you like that one (provided it comes out, of course) as much as you like this.


  3. Sure, I sent a message to the registered email in your profile. You can email me on, or add me to chat. See you there.


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