The website has undergone a change again, hopefully this time for the long term. I’ve been talking to people who know a thing or two about brands and marketing, and they said this ‘Writer’s Mentor’ idea, while excellent in spirit, was not achieving the intended goal of promoting my brand. Don’t ask me what that is – apparently for writers, their name is their brand. Oh, and their books too, but mostly their name.

So I’ve changed the name of the website to my name, and I’ve gone back to the old format of categorizing blog posts in a more helpful way. These will link to my new Facebook page. For some time at least I plan to link blog posts from here to both my Facebook pages, but I think in a little while I will put Writer’s Mentor to a peaceful sleep.

Which means that if there are some of you that like what I’ve been writing here and would like to stay connected via Facebook, my author’s page is a better ship to be on. So if you’ve not done so already, please go ahead and like it so that you don’t miss out on anything good that I may post here. (I do post good stuff here, now and then.)

For reference, my Facebook page is here:

What do you think?

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