Back after a hiatus

Those of you who know me know that I am social media phobic. I used to have a similar attitude to blogging too, once upon a time, but I enjoyed myself quite thoroughly during the three or so months in the middle of this year during which I wrote a few things on this website. So I’ve missed being away, and before you say, ‘You make time for things you love’, let me tell you that I’ve not written either these last three months. And there are very few things I love more than writing.

Between then and now, a few things have happened. Actually, a couple of things:

1. I got married.

2. I quit my job to write full time.

Number one was the main reason I stopped writing. Now I know what all those people meant when they said to me when I was single: “Oh, you’re not married yet. That is how you can find time to write.” How right they were. Between a full-time job and a full-time wife, it is impossible to get any writing done. Lesson learnt.

Which brings us directly to number two. My original plan was to wait until I was thirty to see if I could quit. But in June of this year, I sat back, took stock, and realized that now was better than two years from now. So I served my three months’ notice, and in September, here I am, without a job and all the time in the world to write. How much I will write will, of course, become clear only as time goes by, but at least now I cannot blame lack of time.

Which also means, for better or for worse, that I will be blogging regularly here. So for those few of you that have missed my posts, fear not, for I have returned. Thanks to all of you who have kept liking and following what was essentially a dead blog all this time. I’m going to try and pump some air into it and bring it back to life.

Let’s see how we go.


  1. Welcome back! it is a great to listen to your heart and do what you really wish to do. Hope you enjoy every bit of writing! and congrats for your wedding!


    • Thank you, Ana. Only being writing full-time for a couple of days now, but it’s so much better than writing for a couple of hours after a tiring day at work. On the flip-side, of course, I don’t see where the money’s going to come from. So it all promises to be interesting, if not always fun 🙂


  2. R L Patnaik, Bhubaneswar, Odisha says:

    Even though I missed your interesting blogs, for these few months, what I thought was that you must be busy completing the book within those sixteen week or so period after initial note taking. In fact I had a lot in mind but was not able to progress, with the speed you kept that tempo. Any way first thing Congratulations for your getting married. May Lord bestow upon both of you a long happy and blissful married life. Since I do not know the full time that you were engaged in I think I have no business to ask. Let us hope to do some writing.


    • Hello Mr Patnaik,

      Yes, I know, I feel very guilty about not writing anything these last few months, but I am going to make up for lost time these last four months of the year. Thank you for your good wishes, and yes, let’s get back to writing. I will be a lot more regular on this blog from now on. At least I should be – I no longer have the excuse of not having enough time.


  3. Don’t be so apologetic of pumping life back into this blog. You wrote good stuff here. Relevant stuff too. Here’s an idea what you could blog about. If you’re working on a novel, create a writing diary here. Imagine each day documented of a created novel. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Maybe just two three paragraphs of how the day at the writing table (on the novel) was spent. If you’ve written nothing, just thought and doodled, that would be interesting too. Maybe you can scan and put up the doodles :).

    Brave plunge both, getting married and quitting to write. One takes money, and the other doesn’t bring any. But fortune has always been an adventurer’s bed mate. Possibly, you’ve entered the most interesting phase of your life. All the best!


  4. Hi James, how are you doing?
    That’s a good idea. I think I will start a writing diary, though I’m not sure how many people would want to read something like that. No harm in trying, though. And yes, that’s what I’ve been telling people – that the next year promises to be interesting, regardless of whether it is successful or not.


  5. Look at it this way, if JK Rowling has maintained a writing diary for Harry Potter, how much that would have fetched her.
    You don’t want to be riding the ‘next Harry Potter’ wave and not have your writing diary. That would be a tragedy :).

    Now that the moment of levity has passed us, I had mentioned it as a reference thing. Maybe people would be interested. Also, it might be useful to you as well. At the time of editing. Maybe, don’t know.


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