Week 6: The Writing Begins

From Week 6 through to Week 16, the brief is simple. Write, write, write. From now on you should set yourself a daily word target (I suggest at least 750 words). Like the daily time allocation this also doesn’t ‘add up’, so if you do 1500 words one day, you don’t get a free pass the next day. Return to your writing desk everyday. For these ten weeks, consider your writing as an extra meal.

Here also, there are no rules except that since you’ve spent the first five weeks thinking and making notes about your novel, you will probably do well to follow them. Of course, nothing is set in stone, and of course you can change any part of your book in any way you want. If you’ve spent the first five weeks well, here you should be bubbling away with stuff. Go ahead and indulge yourself.

A word of caution: there will be times when things will get difficult. When it happens, don’t be shocked. Expect it. Your aim is to not streamroll your way through your manuscript without any brakes. Your aim is to finish your book in ten weeks no matter what. The only way to do it is in 750-word-chunks, one day at a time. If one day is hard, get through it and get back the next day. Over time it will get easier. Trust me.

Good luck!


  1. santosh says:

    Writing on will is like will smith rapping away on camera in a random interview, its an act of sheer talent. For me so far, it has been more like a flow of thoughts that comes like a wave, wave because they also recede as fast as they come, unless i capture them. So I wait on shore and wait for these waves, i procrastinate, why not? after all its a topic worth a Nobel prize. Of course i can invite my intention by numbing my senses a little. But today, i am going to put some glue on the chair and sit down. I have chosen to describe an image from a book called A to Z of ART. The image is named, “The gulf steam” by winslow homer, a lone man in a boat in the middle of the sea. May be this is how Bourne identity was born. 🙂


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