Book Launch – Banquet on the Dead

Okay, I know there has been quite a long period of silence on these pages (is someone noticing?), and I won’t bore you with details of my personal life. Let’s just say it was something I could not get out of, one of those few occasions which really needed me to be present. In fact, my brief for the whole couple of weeks was just to ‘be available’. I would not be here typing this if I had screwed that up.

Anyway, this post is to alert all those of you who live in Bangalore. (Those of you who don’t can nod off to sleep now.) My second novel, ‘Banquet on the Dead’, is being launched on Saturday, the 18th of May. Shinie Antony is going to be with us talking about this and that, and there will be a lot of goodies to give away. Those of you who swing that way can also get signed copies of my books for free. (The sign is free, not the book.)

The fun is going to start at 6:30 PM at the Crossword store in JP Nagar. Please RSVP on our event page. I am attaching the invite to this post too, just in case.



  1. I wanted to attend this. But it seems I won’t be able to make it.


  2. The launch was interactive,fun and informative. Thank you for the invite and I enjoyed every bit of it.Congratulations on the launch of your book.Somebody as meticulous and disciplined as you is a rarity in the league of Indian Stretchable Time. And additional congratulations on walking over to the other side.Welcome to real world!



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