Meetup 77 – Philosophy in Fiction

Two weeks ago, on the thirteenth of April, Chandra hosted a Write Club session on philosophy. Our group is a good mix of the young and the old, the confident we’ll-go-get’ems and the mature in-my-day-ers, so we divided ourselves rather neatly into those who think philosophy is useful and those who think it’s a pile of poo. But all of us, no matter what our bent of mind, got to ponder the big questions of life and put the answers into a parable of our choosing. It was fun, even though we spent way too much time talking about some pieces more than the rest, and as it usually happens in such cases, the really good ones were at the very end.

Chandra put together way more examples than we could look at, and I told him to put them all in backup slides so that people who have time can refer to them. The attached slide pack should contain all of them. The question of philosophy in fiction closely ties in with that of theme (which we spoke about last time): your fiction is generally about something other than what your title of your story claims it is, and whether you do it intentionally or not, you end up writing about the things that matter most to you. Every piece of fiction you ever write will contain your personal philosophy; I don’t think any writer can escape that. Writing, primarily, is an act of thinking, of looking inward, of figuring things out.

So here’s hoping that you find yourself while you write.

Download the material here

What do you think?

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