Meetup 76 – Romance

Did you know there were twenty-five different types of romantic relationships? You may scoff at the idea, but Bala would disagree – though, truth be told, he would have scoffed at it too a few weeks ago. (He probably still does, just to serve his reputation as a cynic.) He intended this as a personal trap for me because I’m getting married soon, but I managed to wriggle free and scamper away without having to write anything.

But I was within earshot of the group the whole time, and I must say the laughs that came out left me feeling a little jealous. Like all debates on love this one descended eventually into a war between the fair and the strong, with the women bemoaning the rarity of sensitive men and the men complaining about how all things ended up becoming tear-fests. Ultimately I think both parties agreed that regrettable as it was, we’re stuck with one another with no choice in the matter, and I think some even made the daring point that we complement each other. (I wouldn’t go that far.) In any case, that’s where it ended, and Bala may even have gotten himself a free psycho-analysis – I won’t name the analyzer – on how his cynicism is just a facade and how he is just a hopeless romantic at heart.

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