Meetup 73 – Hint Fiction


Meetup 73 happened on March 16 of this year, and Satpal Daryanani made it about ‘flash’ or ‘hint’ fiction. We’ve had flash and micro-fiction sessions in the past, but this one was different because Satpal made us think of the conflict-movement-resolution structure within the story. This form of fiction has become extremely popular among bloggers and the twitterati because of its byte-sized nature, and there is a lot of stuff in this genre floating around in personal websites and online journals around the world. The general opinion, I think, is that it is easy to write because it’s short.

Though that is true from one angle, from another you could argue that it is harder to write well-structured stories when the constraint on size is so tight. Also, with every other person in the world dabbling in the form, you must write well if your work is to stand out. The material in the attached file will hopefully give you enough of a push in the right direction.

The exercises given are deliberately vague, designed to bring out a wide variety of pieces in a group of writers writing together in a room. (And it achieved its purpose.) But if you do this at home and think you could do with some more clamps on your style or content, feel free to put them on.

Download the material

What do you think?

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