Guest Posters Welcome

This section has been a little late coming, but it’s here finally. I’ve received a few expressions of interest from people who would like to contribute to this page, and I have a few people in mind who, if I ask them and they say yes, would make excellent additions to the material I’ve been putting up. These are mainly guys from within the industry: authors, publishers, editors and agents.

Topic: Does it have to be about writing?

In a word, no. This is a website about writing, yes, but not all posts in here need to be about writing. If you want to contribute something to this page, please feel free to write on anything that you’re passionate about. I will leave it to your discretion on whether the subject you’re writing on will be a good ‘fit’ to this website. Of course, I will have a look at your stuff before I put it up (I will likely edit it too for spelling and grammar), and if I don’t think it suits, I will let you know. But at the moment, anything goes.

Format: Does it have to be the written word?

No. This is primarily a written blog, but I intend it to be a forum for art in general, and the storytelling arts in particular: photography, painting, line drawing, cartooning, graphic art, poetry…as long as it is art-related and it could be transmitted on the page, it’s suitable. If you’re interested in sharing some of your work in these forms, I would like you to give us a glimpse into your world and tell us the story of that piece. For instance, if you post a photograph, our readers would love it if you could tell us the story behind that photograph: how you got the idea, how it happened, etc.

Process: How will it work?

This can happen in two ways: either I come to you with a request for material or you come to me with a query. In both cases, I will edit the pieces for spelling and grammar, and sometimes composition. All edits, of course, will be communicated to you. Links to your website/bog will be placed alongside your post, with a short byline.

What is the frequency?

This is a hard one. It all depends on how many guest posters I will be able to assemble. I’d really like it to be a weekly thing, and at this stage that sounds very likely, but we will have to see. Finding people interested to write regularly is not as easy as one might think. But I will try my best.

I want to contribute. What do I do?

Please email me with details of what you’d like to write on.

What do you think?

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