Meetup 53 – Paintings

At Write Club, we think of image-centered sessions as ‘bread and butter’ sessions. They’re easy to prepare for, easy to conduct, and the results – as long as you pick your images carefully – never disappoint. This tradition began quite early in the piece with Meetup 16 (you will find the material for that meetup in these archives), and ever since then there have been a few sessions where hosts, for a variety of reasons, took this way out.

In this particular case the scheduled host cancelled due to an emergency on Saturday morning, so I had only a few hours to cobble something together. For my first exercise I went with Norman Rockwell, that master of realistic portraits, and the focus was to describe the moment well enough for it to spring to life in the eyes of someone who cannot see it. In the second exercise the selections are more surrealistic and open to interpretation. Here the aim was to write mood pieces that speculate on the meaning behind the paintings.

The world of art is vast. Here’s to more and more art-oriented meetups!

Download the material here

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