Meetup 74 – Show, Don’t Tell

Biswa Kalyan Rath hosted a session on Saturday (23 March) on Show, Don’t Tell. It is supposed to be one of those cardinal rules of writing fiction, and though we did do a similar session a long time back, those were the days when the club was young, and most of the people we had then have now moved on. Also, the hope was that Kalyan himself has moved on a little in terms of his knowledge and his craft, and that his second session would be better than his first.

I wasn’t there and I haven’t read his material, so I can’t say for sure, but judging by the feedback of people who did attend, it seemed to have gone rather well. Some members claim that Kalyan was even polite and patient. (Yeah, I will believe that when I see it with my own two eyes.)

Also, I know I’ve been slacking off a little with posting on this website. Life got a little busy over the weekend and I was left stranded without internet connection and my laptop. I will try and catch up on lost time this week.

Download the material


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