Meetup 71 – Apocalyptic Fiction

Shreyasi hosted a session on post-apocalyptic fiction a couple of weeks ago, and it was one of our best-attended sessions yet. After a slow start in January, numbers at Write Club have picked up, with a host of new people joining us and becoming regular members. These days we run out of chairs almost every week, and Dominic, the receptionist who gives us tea and snacks, has been resorting to innovative methods to ensure everyone gets a cup.

So anyway, here we were, thirty-odd people stuffed into a room, munching stuff and writing about how we’d like the world to end. The range of ideas was predictably large – we had supernovae, nuclear winters, economic meltdowns, floods and tsunamis. Some writers chose to ignore the ‘how’ of mass-destruction and focused on the social and human condition in the post-apocalyptic era. But the most memorable piece came from Kalyan who wrote about two cockroaches in conversation after nuclear war has wiped out humanity. I will try and get him to post it somewhere so that I can link to it.

Oh, another thing I learnt during this session is that it is very hard saying ‘post-apocalyptic fiction’ without getting your tongue in knots. Avoid saying it in public because you just may embarrass yourself. Twice.


Date: March 2, 2013

Host: Shreyasi Mukerji

Material: Download here

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