Meetup 26 – Plot

Okay, this task of archiving Write Club material is going to be harder than I thought. The few people I’ve spoken to have had to undertake search missions to find their stuff (and here I thought people didn’t delete files any more, what with all the terabytes of storage they buy), and it is very unlikely that it will all come to me in order. So what I will do is upload the documents in individual posts as and when they come in, and maybe once everything is in, we can undertake a project to put it all into one big ginormous zip file. (Yeah? Sounds like fun? Wanna volunteer?)

Here’s Meetup 26. It was Kalyan’s first session, and I remember we had a big discussion the evening before on what it should be about. I was of the opinion that the group was not ‘ready’ for plot and that it would be hard to pull off. He agreed with me, but as these IITians like to do, went ahead and did it anyway. And in the middle of the session he gets up, points to me and says: “Now Sharath will give you all a professional’s understanding about plot.” I knew nothing about plot then (nor do I know much about it now), but I somehow winged it and scraped through. There were a lot of ums and ahs in that speech.


Date: March 17, 2012

Host: Biswa Kalyan Rath

Material: Download here



  1. Last year I volunteered somewhere n did nothing. And decided I wouldn’t volunteer anywhere else.

    But here I am again. Tell me what I can do to help here. Hope I do something this time.


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