Meetup 113 – Nonvisual cues

A little update on the Write Club posts is warranted, because I’ve not posted here for a while. You will be glad to know that Write Club Bangalore is still going well, though we’ve moved to a place now without a projector, so we’ve had to improvise with pen and paper. Some would say this […]

Meetup 81 – Critical Thinking

The week before last, when I was away doing my own thing, Aparna Sridhar hosted her first session at Write Club, and by all accounts it was a smashing debut. The room reportedly was bursting at the door with people and there were cheers and laughs all around. I’ve had a look at the material […]

Meetup 66 – Dialogue again

We sometimes get repetitions in the topics we do at Write Club. There are two reasons for this: one, apart from a select few who have stuck it out throughout, the group is not static. So as new members come in and host, they invariably pick up one subject or the other which has already […]

Meetup 77 – Philosophy in Fiction

Two weeks ago, on the thirteenth of April, Chandra hosted a Write Club session on philosophy. Our group is a good mix of the young and the old, the confident we’ll-go-get’ems and the mature in-my-day-ers, so we divided ourselves rather neatly into those who think philosophy is useful and those who think it’s a pile […]

Meetup on Theme

I am not going to give the date of this session because I’m too lazy to go back and dig for it, but I remember it was Bala’s first session (he, the romanticist), and he followed on some good character and viewpoint sessions with one on theme. Now theme is easily defined as that thing […]

Meetup 76 – Romance

Did you know there were twenty-five different types of romantic relationships? You may scoff at the idea, but Bala would disagree – though, truth be told, he would have scoffed at it too a few weeks ago. (He probably still does, just to serve his reputation as a cynic.) He intended this as a personal […]

Meetup 73 – Hint Fiction

Meetup 73 happened on March 16 of this year, and Satpal Daryanani made it about ‘flash’ or ‘hint’ fiction. We’ve had flash and micro-fiction sessions in the past, but this one was different because Satpal made us think of the conflict-movement-resolution structure within the story. This form of fiction has become extremely popular among bloggers and […]

Meetup 53 – Paintings

At Write Club, we think of image-centered sessions as ‘bread and butter’ sessions. They’re easy to prepare for, easy to conduct, and the results – as long as you pick your images carefully – never disappoint. This tradition began quite early in the piece with Meetup 16 (you will find the material for that meetup […]

Meetup 56 – Dialogue

On October 27, 2012, I hosted a Write Club session on writing dialogue. Unlike most other parts of writing in which it is possible to say what to do, with dialogue I find it easier to focus on what not to do. This is probably because good dialogue is a bit like pornography: it’s hard to […]

Meetup 75 – Gothic Literature

Last weekend we had our seventy-fifth session at Write Club, and Soumya R (like all Tamilians she likes using a single letter for her last name) introduced us to Gothic literature. There was some confusion regarding what makes a piece of writing Gothic, and this was borne out by the fact that almost everyone who […]


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